Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is the Year!

I spent two whole posts last year explaining my complicated relationship with Iceman, so I won't go into it here. (If you're really dying to read about it again or for the first time, you can go here and here.) It's been at the back of my mind during every race season, and this year it even made it to my schedule, albeit with a question mark after it.

But I have another goal now that's more important than all of the rest of them. In case you missed it, I want to move to Crested Butte. (I talk about it here, if you really did miss it.) I don't know if it's feasible, but I would like this move to take place next year. That means this is potentially my last chance to do Iceman while I'm living here. (Unless you believe, like many people in my life, that my goal of moving to CB is pie in the sky.)

There are other reasons that I think this is the year to do Iceman:
  • Even though I've lost a lot of my fitness since the beginning of the year, this is still probably the best shape I've been in for several years. I started out with a better base and I did a lot of racing. I did three endurance races, and in all of those I rode around as many miles as Iceman, if not more. Now provided I don't sit around doing nothing until November and actually get out there and ride, I should be go to go.
  • I have a super cool new (to me) bike. I'll be unveiling it in its full glory on this blog soon. Some of you may have already seen a sneak peek of it (almost finished) on FB.
  • I need as many goals to keep me on track as possible, particularly since all I seem to want to do lately is sit around and daydream about moving to Crested Butte.

So, I have found someone who has graciously agreed to transfer her Iceman entry to me. I even have the money to pay for it. Now all I have to do is hope I can still find a room available somewhere in the vicinity and then get on my super cool new bike and pedal.


Christopher Averett said...

Just booked my room yesterday...there are plenty!

Laurie said...

I'm excited for you - I can't make Iceman because of class, but Mitch will be there. Maybe next year...