Friday, May 1, 2009

Not That Bad

This morning on the way to WW, I just kept thinking "if I gained less than 3 pounds, I'll be happy." Without belaboring it for hours, I don't think I can actually explain how badly and how much I've been eating for the past few weeks. On top of that, I really haven't been training at all. So when I stepped on the scale this morning and found that I had only gained 2.8 pounds, I was pretty relieved. I almost didn't go weigh in today, but I know how I operate. If I want to stop this downhill slide, I have to face the reality of the weight gain. Otherwise, I will keep shoving it under the rug and as long as I don't see the numbers, I'll convince myself it's not that bad. The only way to avoid that is to be confronted with the reality.

I rode for an hour last night, which was a good start. I'm going to try to work a short ride in tonight and a long one tomorrow. Then, bright and early Sunday morning we get on a plane. What that means is that for four days I'll be in Key West, surrounded by food and, more importantly, cocktails. I know I'll be eating and drinking things that are fattening while I'm there. anything bad while I'm there. Realistically, it would be silly to think I would avoid it. And truthfully, it wouldn't be much fun if I did do that. But maybe this year, instead of eating and drinking everything that crosses my path, I'll be selective and make sure the things I treat myself with are things I really want and will really enjoy. I'll try to go for quality over quantity. We'll see how it goes.

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