Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Chris bailed on me tonight, so I rode at Anderson Park by myself. I had to cut my ride a bit short due to a mechanical. Luckily, my husband was able to pilfer a bolt from something else and give it a short-term fix so as not to disrupt my riding schedule. My bike is clearly not in optimal shape right now, but luckily, I have something up my sleeve.

I've been kicking myself for the past two days for not riding another lap at Stony on Saturday. I know. I shouldn't beat myself up too much, but all indications on Sunday were that I didn't push myself hard enough during the race.

One thing I realized at the race on Saturday (although it should have been obvious all along) is that my training plan is somewhat lacking. After a winter of training hard with a very specific plan, I kind of let things go all squirrelly after Yankee. And although I've been riding quite regularly, the longest rides I've done on the trail have been during my races. In fact, the longest trail rides I've done all year (not counting races) have been the ones when I've gotten lost, like at Hanson and Poto. So, I guess I've been riding these longer races without having the appropriate training under my belt. I'll have to try to remedy that for the last six hour race of the year, which is the reschedule of Addison Oaks in October.

I've had an interesting development in my race schedule, which I'll talk about in an upcoming post. It's something I'm very excited about. And even though it seems like summer is going by oh so quickly, it looks like I will still have lots of racing to look forward to in the fall. I guess I'd better make sure I'm ready.


Di said...

Funny. The bulk of my racing is this month, so I've really stepped up.

Jennifer said...

Hi Andrea :) I know how you are feeling! I had enough time to sneak out for another lap at Stony, but at the time I really didn't want to. Of course as soon as the race was over I was wishing I would have. Don't beat yourself up, you're doing great ;)

Anonymous said...

I wondered what happened to your saddle...Chris made reference to the fix on facebook. As for your race I would have given up at the point where I got lost.......you are doing well

SpeedyChix said...

Hey, did you snag an Ice Man spot????

Andrea said...

Anne--I didn't get an Iceman entry yet, but I still want one. :-)