Sunday, August 9, 2009

Little Bits o' Loveliness

This week kind of sucks because I'm not going to be riding at all. Instead, I have to get ahead at work, spend some time making a dent cleaning the filthy garbage pit that is my home (trust me, the Wood St. Landfill is much cleaner), spend QT with the puppy girls and pack. Because in less than a week, I'm going to be riding somewhere that looks very much like the picture above.

I'm also scheming, because I just realized that the day we fly into Colorado (this Saturday) is the same day as Leadville. And since we're flying into Aspen, which is only about 60 miles from Leadville I think we have to go. (Unfortunately, 60 miles in Colorado is not quite the 45 minute trip on the freeway it would be here.) I figured this is probably the only chance I'll ever have to watch the finish of Leadville. Besides, being the bike racer/bike blogger groupie type that I am, I'm hoping to have a FC sighting, not to mention catching a glimpse of this guy.

Other than that, we will be riding, hiking, visiting here and staying here. I am very excited, because this will be the farthest west I have ever traveled (up until now Kansas City) as long as you don't count Alaska.

Another piece of loveliness is the box above. Parts is parts. Chris ordered an entire box of goodies for me, which will, very soon, along with some other miscellaneous stuff around the house, morph into a Badger 29er. Woo hoo!

And last but not least in the things making me smile this evening are some photos of an enjoyable, albeit wet, weekend in the North Country. First, we have sunrise over Weaver Road, across the street from our little haven in the hardwoods.

And speaking of wood, the pile is getting pretty low. We're definitely going to need to stock up before winter.
Travelling even farther North, I spent the day with some family in the Mackinaw area. My fabulous nephew Sebastian made his first trip across that bridge. It's about time!

My view from the passenger seat

And that's what it looks like from the other side.

I may not have an Ore to Shore finish like all the cool people (
her and her and her), but I have bridge pictures too. Next year, hopefully, I'll have both.

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Sean said...

It would be awesome to meet FC and Lance! Go and rub elbows with them!!!!