Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Call Me Crazy

I was miserable last year at the Stony Creek TT. I remember it vividly. I went back and read my blog post from that race and it didn't seem that bad, but I think I was just trying to be positive. All I can remember is just hating it.

For that reason, I opted to go up North last weekend instead of doing that race with my teammates. I subsequently read the negative reports about it on some of their blogs and was glad I skipped it.

So guess what I'm doing this weekend? Racing 6 Hours of Stony, of course.

I really want to get a few more 6-hour races under my belt this season and I'm running out of options. I won't be able to do Pando because we'll be on our fantastic trip. That leaves Stony, Drummond Island and the rescheduled Addison Oaks. Drummond Island is out of the question this year, although I do want to do it one of these days. Hanson Hills is unfortunately at 12/24 this year. I was going to try the 12, but after the debacle at Hanson earlier this year, and given the fact that it conflicts with a Kisscross race, I'm going to skip it.

So, if I want to do two more 6-hour races, I have to do Stony. And on top of the fact that I'm not a fan of that course, the race starts at 8 a.m. I know Brent did it that way because then it can be a daylight race, but Stony is at least 2 hours away. That means I'll have to leave the house by 5. Ouch!

Maybe I'll be so pumped up and excited from my success at Ithaca that it will carry over to Stony. I hope.


Laurie said...

Good luck, Andrea! It wasn't really terrible...just not one of my favorite places. You'll have fun!

Nick said...

Stony seems to be one of those trails that non-regulars hate. But, with 6 hours of riding, you'll learn to love it.

Marty and I will be racing out there, so we'll see you this weekend.