Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blog? What Blog?

It's been a busy but fun couple of weeks. Clearly, I've neglected my blog (along with a few other things). The summer is sadly flying by. I've been busy at work with a bunch of events, presentations and the like. This coming week is going to be the worst. I literally have plans or a work event every single night.

Family has been the name of the game lately. I've been catching up with my cousins at open houses and other events.

We said a fond farewell to Fran before she left on an exciting trip overseas. It's been amazing to have her back with us after so many years. I know it's too early for things to be settled, but seeing her with my bro again makes me believe that occasionally things really do work out the way they're supposed to.
We spent the weekend of the 4th as we always do, in Comins. As we commemorated the 10-year anniversary of the July 3 Comins tornado, my husband described waiting out the storm under the pool table at the Knot Hole Bar. The girls enjoyed the sights of the parade, but Maddy sat on my lap and shook with fear as the fire trucks went by with all their sirens. What kind of bird dog is terrified of loud noises, I ask you?

Red's train, filled with kids, snaked by us. Small town parades are the best.

I had a nice, peaceful Independence Day hike with my bro and the girls.

I had to watch Chris like a hawk. Can you believe he tried picking up some floozy right in front of me?
Yesterday we spent a long, leisurely day at the lake where I spent much of my time during childhood summers. My great friend and cousin Becky is here for a two-week visit from Philly. It was fun to see her son Ethan looking not much like a baby anymore. My awesome nephew Sebastian even taught Ethan the finer points of playing in the sand.

Chris' dad is also staying with us for several days. He's visiting from Florida. Between all the work stuff and family stuff, I really haven't found much time to ride. It makes me a little nervous about the Ithaca race, which will be here next weekend. I'm a little anxious about how the race will go after running myself ragged and barely riding for a couple weeks leading up to it.
I guess in the overall scheme of things, it's more important to spend time with family, especially those I don't see very often, than to be able to ride one more lap at Ithaca. I just wish I could do both.

Today is shaping up to be another beautiful day. I should be thinking about getting a long ride in, but I'm leaning toward heading back to the lake. I'll let you know what happens.

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Anonymous said...

Go back to the lake. You can bike all winter.