Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can't I Have Both?

I noticed about a week and a half ago that the schedule for Kisscross races had been posted. I haven't written anything about it yet because I have been too busy blathering on about other things (and using big words, according to one loyal blog reader). However, I am excited to race again. You see, last fall, Chris started talking about racing in the first Kisscross race. We went to the kickoff ride (where I promptly lost my cue sheet and rode around in circles the whole time) and everyone seemed really nice. I grilled Rick, the series organizer, to find out exactly what Kisscross was, because "racing for beer" wasn't really enough to explain the concept. I thought if Chris could try it, I should too. I remember pre-riding the first course and feeling more nervous about the race after doing so. I also remember standing in the parking lot vacillating between wanting to race and not wanting to race. I was worried I would hold things up, and I did because I was so slow. But I loved it more than I hated it and I wanted to keep racing.

It was during Kisscross that I really learned how much I liked to race. I was habitually last, I was lapped by people and I was beaten repeatedly by children. For some reason, this was not the least bit discouraging. I am anxious to see how my second season goes after racing mountain bikes all summer. I'm not sure how much better shape I'm in and I'm definitely not a lot thinner as I had hoped I would be. Even so, for this season, I'd like to set some slightly more aggressive goals for myself while still keeping it fun.

Though I can't wait for Kisscross to start, it also means the summer is ending. That leads to fall and, inevitably, to winter. Fall is usually nice, but I have a definite love-hate thing going with winter. I understand logistically why it can't happen, but I really wish I could have Kisscross (and hockey) and still hang on to summer.

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