Monday, September 6, 2010

The Best of Both Worlds

If you were a geeky kid like I was or had extremely young parents like I had, you might have had an experience I had when I was growing up. It didn't happen that frequently, but every once in a while, I had to choose between doing something fun with the family and doing something fun with my friends. And it was always hard, but a decision had to be made, one way or the other.

So this weekend when the worlds of friends and family collided, it was MEGA SUPER WONDERFULLY FANTASTIC. Because I didn't have to choose between hangin' out with the cool bike racin' kids and hanging out with the fam. I got to do both.

That was just part of what made this weekend memorable. Here's the rest. 

The badger and ...

The Badger

Oh, yeah. That girl was around. She says I am a geek when I gush, so I won't gush, but you know she is awfully fun to hang out with.

The husband got tall? How'd that happen?

Fun with white boards

I know it looks fun, and it was, but this race was also brutal. And wet, wet, wet (and I'm not talking about the cheesy band here). (More on the race in another post)

Who Hit John? Think Old Crow Medicine Show a la Wagon Wheel.

A little anthropomorphism with a lime—he was starving for spinwheels!

Ms. B, on the other hand, was not so satisfied with the spinwheels.

The first one asleep (here Jon R.) had to deal with the glow stick pranks.

Did I mention it was wicked windy? It's a good thing Red was out with the chainsaw, because this large-ish tree was blocking the road to the Crik.

Here's the new room at the Crik. This addition is bigger than our entire cabin!

Clubbin' (at the Eagles club)

Teaching my bar mates a little francais. When I start writing on the chalkboard, it's probably time to go home.

But instead I watched the in-laws doing the Woody Twist. Classic!

Then I took a few lessons of my own, courtesy of DG. I am hopeless at dancing. :(

The last stop was the Knot Hole for that steak sandwich—the one I wish I could have every night of the week. Too bad it's a three-hour drive.

And seriously, what weekend would be complete without a beer tower? Don't even try to deny it. You know you want one.


Ali B. said...

Wow.. not sure how I feel about the photos?

badger = creeepy
limey = hilarious
my unshowered head = GROSS

:) When I start pretending a lime can talk and dance = time to go home.

Anonymous said...

You were some mover on the dance floor. However don't stop the lessons..DG

mom said...

you failed to mention that although your mother was at death's door she stood in the rain all day in support of her daughter.Also that your dad although ill finally made it to your cabin in the wood.

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