Friday, March 5, 2010

Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?

You may remember earlier this winter when I was lamenting our lack of snow. I also commented that I thought it strange that I was wishing for snow. After all, that's not the way I usually operate in the winter. A lot of times I wish for as little snow as possible. But due to an inspiring trip to Colorado and some new outdoor equipment, I was acting not so much like me.

But that was then. This week, something strange happened. The sun appeared, and reappeared for several days running. It was almost spooky. I spend a lot of time starving for the sun in the winter and I couldn't believe it was actually here and that it stuck around.

Something happened when I saw that sun, though. Not the first time I saw it, but sometime during one of the subsequent days of sunshine. I started wishing that all that snow piled up around town would disappear and that it would get warm. I suddenly wanted to put away my trainer for months and months and ride outside. In the sun. In a short-sleeved jersey.

The forecast tomorrow is calling for mid-40s and sunny. It seems like a perfect time to get outside on my bike. Forget the skis.


Ali B. said...

ahh I'm SO excited to get outside too! Tomorrow is Brew & Snowshoe at TimberRidge! Come on up!? :)

Anonymous said...

I think you are finally on the right medication. I need some of those snow-be-gone pills! DG