Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Know, Right?

This may be the longest lapse in my blog updating in recent history. All my loyal readers have probably been pondering this with great interest, wondering "why? why would she leave us hanging like this?" There are a number of possible reasons:
  • Writer's block?
  • Ashamed to return after self-admitted, embarrassing groupie behavior?
  • Amnesia?
  • Too busy?
The answer is "None of the above." Rather than having writer's block, I have actually thought of quite a few topics to write about, just haven't actually written about any of them. I learned to stop being embarrassed about my groupie tendencies in high school when people I didn't even know came up to me to tell me they were sorry when Eric Clapton's son fell out of a window and plunged to his death. Amnesia would be a great reason, but I haven't had any blows to the head lately, so that pretty much rules that one out.

Too busy? This is one is probably the most plausible, but it's not true, either. Although I have been kind of slammed at work, none of it has seeped over into my personal life. I have had plenty of time to do other things in the past couple of weeks. For example:
  • Riding the trainer
  • Working out with Jillian DVD
  • Riding outside
  • Taking the puppy girls to the dog park
  • Reading
  • Sitting on Facebook
  • Working on some promotion for Beyond the Ride, the clinic Anne is doing (and I am helping with) in March
  • Hanging out on numerous occasions with our new friends Karen and Dave
So now that I know that the suspense is killing you all, I'll admit the real reason. Laziness. Plain and simple. Every time I've thought about updating the blog, I just felt like doing something else (like sitting on the couch reading my book) more.

Sorry. I will try to get back on track now.


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling...DG

Ali B. said...

I love your groupie-ness! I don't have the affliction and find it rather charming...cute... ;) I suppose I wish I could get super happy about PEOPLE... BUT, I find food more fascinating!

Ali B. said...

p.s. I missed you!

Jenn said...

I came over from Fatty and stayed because just on the first page you had like three posts that interested me! I wish I could attend the bike workshop, as I'm trying to progress from novice, with an eye toward a century race in August. I don't even know how to fix a flat at this point. Or keep my butt from getting sore. Or pretty much anything but how to stay upright. I think I shall follow your blog. Thanks!