Monday, June 23, 2008


So, my exciting news is that I test rode a 29er yesterday (see how I dragged that out to heighten the suspense?). Anne is going to be selling a couple of hers and she let me take this one out for a spin. I locked out the rear suspension since the one I will be getting is a hardtail and I didn't want to get spoiled.

Of course, that also meant having to ride with Anne. I didn't even come close to keeping up with her and she made me ride over stuff like this logpile going downhill that I really didn't want to attempt. (So what if it took me about four false starts before I actually made it.) If I could ride more with Anne, I would have to improve. I think even riding with her that one time will help me.

It was very interesting and different riding the 29er. I thought it would scare me, and I did feel like I was riding a lot higher, but it was a good thing. That thing rolled over rocks and roots like they were nothing. It was also nice to ride a bike that was light, as opposed to mine, which weighs a ton.

Even though this is a blurry picture, it is photographic proof that I actually did ride it or at least it would be if you could tell it was me.

We had a good time and including the bit we rode before Anne got there, spent about two hours riding. That's longer than our usual hour or so and will help prepare us for what's to come. I'll talk about that a little later.

Thanks to Anne for being so patient but still pushing me.

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